Barber King London


Growing up in Izmir Turkey, and getting his first job at just 8 years old in a barbers, Senol knew from that moment onwards that this would not only be his chosen career, but it would in fact be his life.
Devoting each day to his job, even at such a young age his talents were recognised.

They say that no love is greater than that of a father for his son, and to be passed down the traits of talent, determination, and character is the greatest gift of all.
Barber King London
Barber King London
Barber King London

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Services & pricing

  • Haircut

    Walk-in: £34.00
    Appointment: £36.00
  • Hot-Towel Shave

    Price: £29.00
  • Beard trim only with clipper

    Walk-in: £22.00
    Appointment: £25.00
  • Skin Fade

    Walk-in: £38.00
    Appointment: £42.00
  • The Full King Treatment

    Walk-in: £60.00
    Appointment: £65.00
  • Buzz Cut

    Walk-in: £25.00
    Appointment: £30.00
  • Nose Waxing

    Price: £12.00
  • Eye-Brow Threading

    Price: £12.00
  • Neck Shave

    Price: £12.00